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About doTerra

About doTerra: There are 3 ways to buy dōTERRA essential oils:

  1. Buy Wholesale (25% off Retail)
  2. Buy Below Wholesale (up to 55% and more off Retail)
  3. Buy Retail (Buy one time – pay the highest Price



Benefits of Enrolling With  team:

Will obtain FREE Wellness Consultation (Valued at Us$75)

  • We Personalized 3-Month Wellness Protocol Plan for you and your family (Valued at Us$75)
  • Personal Support, Guidance, and Essential Oil Education from us on line through live chats
  • Will teach an unlimited number of essential oil classes for your family and Friends and Pets.
  • You will have Optional opportunity to build a doTERRA business with our international team. 


Open a Wholesale Account and enjoy these benefits:

  • Wholesale Prices (25% below retail in all doTerra products)
  • No obligation or minimum order requirements
  • Product Promotions every month and different  free products
  • Member Loyalty Rewards Program – get up to 30% of your order back in product points
  • Only US$35 membership fee for first year (fee waived when opening account with a starter kit)
  • Renewal only Us$25 per year (receive 15mL Lemon or Peppermint Free (according with your Country)  upon renewal – Us$27 retail value)
  • Click here to set up your membership now at


To have your wholesale account  It’s like having a Costco or Sam’s Club membership.

Just because you have the membership, you get to buy at a lower cost and save hundreds on your essential oils every year with no strings attached with no obligations and full flexibility, there is no better way to get your essential oils even compared to buying from friends or off Amazon or similar.


It costs Us$35 to set up a Wholesale Account for the first year, but you don’t even have to pay that if you get information of one of the amazing starter kits.


The kits begin at about Us$150 and range up to Us$2,500, but . It will literally be the best investment you make for your family and personal  health. 


The only expense beyond the kit is shipping, which starts at Us$3 or Us$6 dollars. Amazing!


You do have the option of paying the Us$35 membership fee and selecting any essential oil or product that you want, so you can get the exact oils you want and need.

The annual renewal fee is Us$25, and is an amazing value because your membership renewal comes with a free Peppermint essential oil of the same value as the membership. So, it’s like getting a free membership, too.   Amazin, isn’t it?

Important to confirm there is no obligation to ever buy anything with your membership, no contract, and you can cancel your membership at anytime. It is such an amazingly flexible arrangement. 

Also you are free to call the Customer Service, the staff of  Member Services is so helpful and easy to contact it makes managing your account  an easy activity.

If you would like me to personally take you through picking out your kit and setting up your account,please contact me using chat option. 


Step 1. Decide what products you want to buy


The best way to do this is to choose a starter kit (enrollment kits). When you purchase  a starter kit (USA) or your Country, at the same time you open your wholesale account, the Us$35 membership fee.



Looking for a suggestion?


HEALTHY ESSENTIALS KIT is a very popular starting kit. All basic oils are included, but  If you want to buy more, I suggest that you get this kit and then set up your Loyalty Reward Order for the next oils you want.


Select account type, the difference is:


  • Wellness Advocate (earn incomings from setting up membership of your refered persons)
  • Wholesale Customer (all the same benefits with no business opportunity!)

When is doubt, don’t worry, just choose a Wholesale Customer as you can always switch to a Wellness Advocate account at anytime.

I also take the time to meet with each of my new customers or advocates and walk them through the process and help them get what they are looking for.   If you have any questions, please contact me.


Your personal information needed is: 


Name, address, shipping, phone, birth date (for later identification with customer service), etc.

By selecting an Enrollment Kit, you waive your Us$35 membership fee. These kits are great to get you going with the essential oils.

They have the most popular and loved essential oils.

Of, course, you don’t need to get an enrollment kit.

You can just pay the Us$35 membership fee and pick out the oils or products that you want. This is also an amazing opportunity to personalize your own beginnings.

Furthermore, even if you do get a kit, you can add additional products to your order.

Are you ready to learn more about essential oils?  Go over to my page for new doTERRA Members to get going.


Be sure to enroll for my automated emails, which send small emails to familiarize yourself with the world of essential oils.



Take advantage of the Product Points and Promotions:


  • Get 30% back in product points redeemable for FREE products!
  • Get product points for every dollar you spend on shipping! (US Market) It’s like you get the money back in your account to buy more products.
  • Get a free oil every month of the year
  • Tack advantage of great promotions such as Free products, BOGO (Buy One-Get One)  weeks, and so much more!!


Loyalty Rewards Program:


A Loyalty Rewards Program which gives you Product Points for every order you put in your monthly recurring orders. You redeem the points for free products. You will  literally get a lot of  free product every year. 


That’s called smart shopping. You begin by getting 10% of your points back, and if you make consecutive loyal monthly orders, you can earn up to 30% back in addition to the 25% off retail price. 


That’s about 55% savings. This is the absolute best way to purchase the best essential oils in the world.


Other point for US is that you will  get whatever you spend on shipping back in product points.  It’s like free shipping, but rather than a discount, you have an excuse to get more product.

The loyalty rewards thing is completely optional and you can participate if you want and stop when you want. The percentage and the points only accumulate when you continue. It is such a flexible arrangement. You are in charge.

Please let me tell you how to earn additional earnings:  If you refer anyone and order 100 PV, you will get paid a referral fee (you can build a business out of introducing people).  And there is a free essential oil every month if you order over 125PV AND order it before the 15th of the month. And from time to time (about every 3 months), there is an additional promotion if you order over 200PV. Taking advantage of all of these promotions, gets you these great products for a great price.  

Don’t forget to ask about Doterra bonus for refered persons named "power of three", but  you will receive information by  mail if you suscribe to our notices.